Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Right! I have been meaning to post this for ages!! So Tigerlilith is running a 5k run on the 8th of June to raise money for cancer research, if you donate, you get a chance to win some unbelievable prizes!!! Not to mention a 50 quid Fyberspates voucher for the shop, I urge you to go over to the blog and have a read of the treats and make a donation!!! Amazing!

I have a Noblin coming to help me for a few days today, I am very excited, not exactly sure where she is going to sleep yet, but perhaps a bed of yarn?

Got lots more exciting things coming up. But that'll do for now cherubs. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, I am going to take all my yarn outside and pack my orders, its going to take a little time, I think people were loving the colours this weekend, lol!

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  1. Sure love all the yummy yarn, wish I could afford to get a few of them. Ah well, I'll just have to save up. My stash is absolutely SABLE at mo the colours are gorrrrgeous and I love the Chuff Chuff Candy Floss. Is it hard to knit with???