Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tidy tidy tidy

So Noblin knits and I have been working very hard. We went to Ikea and purchased half the storage section, in order to organise Fyberspates HQ. Seeing as we were stock taking, we decided to organise at the same time, so we did the shed first seeing as it was a lovely sunny day. Its amazing!!!! I am so chuffed, here is when we thought it would never end....


Here is when I was actually excited about putting the boxes in and stocktaking:


And this is what it looked like at 9pm last night.


So thats the first stage of the sock take. I have alot more to do, but I feel better already, and the most exciting thing is I have a working stock list so I know how much I have of all my yarns, so so exciting, and a wonderful relief. We bought storage for the shop/office room and I am so looking forward to filling it and making everything gorgeous. The result though is that I have lots of white yarns on cones and things to put in the shop. So if you love dyeing  and fancy something different keep an eye out tomorrow, because there will be an undyed update in the shop. There will be a dyed one too, but not huge this time, I am feeling mildy anxious because the shop is rather empty, but hey, it means you guys love the yarn so I am happy! lol.

So, anyway we are off out for dinner and then stitch and bitch, because we blinking well deserve it!! Oh and Stash yarns in London are showcasing Fyberspates this month, so I will be there Monday eve for the yarn tasting. :-)


  1. O.M.G. I can't believe you ever got to the end of that shed!

  2. Arent those clear boxes a total godsend. John did a lot of tutting and huffing as I trooped home with some of those but they are so so easy to keep everything from burying you alive. Look at that shed!!! I want to move in ;)
    I just saw your ads on Rav for the K1 visit, I MUST try and get up for the Edinburgh one, must plot how to get rid of the kids for the day!!