Thursday, 29 May 2008

The curse of the rainy thursday

As you know, the last few weeks, every thursday THE DAY BEFORE UPDATE DAY it has rained, which means chaos because the yarn gets completely soaked. Not that it does any harm, its just un-update-able, Yep folks that IS a real word.


Yesterday was an extremely productive day, I dyed, packed, and organised, I was well chuffed, so last night I chanted, mainly to stop my head from exploding with excitement, and I threw a few D's in for a lovely sunny day today  so that I can take a gorgeous hoard of DRY wool to K1 at the weekend. I woke up and its lovely and dry, chilly, but perfect drying day, not saying that it was my  chanting or nothin, but I seem to be in rhythm with the universe this past week or so, since I let go of a few rocks I was carrying, so I think I broke the curse, yippeee, lol.

Oh and decided not to go to the USA next week. I have a limit, and thats way over it. We have postponed it to early July instead, after Woolfest :-) That way we can take a more leisurely trip and enjoy ourselves, and it gives me time to prepare properly, and get on with the projects that need immediate attention.

So, I sort of hope there is some yarn left from K1, because I have done some really nice colours, which would be fab for the shop. I was trying to work through the rainbow, and am about 1/4 of the way through, lol.

Oh and I decided to start exercising today, I was going to go weight training, but think I will start running first. I love weight training, but I haven't done any for 5 years, so I need to ease myself in, lol.


Gotta go, my smelly trainers are calling

Happy knitting folks.



  1. Yay, you're going to Woolfest! I was hoping you would be as I was hoping to pick up some of your yarns there :)

  2. You are turning into a real daimoku queen - you put me to shame...
    I remember a lesson at the Waldorf school my son attended which was about sound waves. Iron filings were scattered on a metal sheet then a violin bow was scraped along its edge. The vibration was transferred to the metal sheet and all the iron filings lined up.
    I always imagine chanting is doing that. The more daimoku we put out there the more the universe lines up as it was meant to and things just fall into place naturally.