Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The most delicious Rhubarb, apple and elderflower compote in the world

Ok, so no photo's but at least the battery charges is winging its way to me, so there will be some soon.

Ok, so I don't really eat things like apples and oranges and things out of a fruit bowl, I like them, they just seem boring. I will eat mangoes and avacado, but not normal fruit, lol, so I have to make a concerted effort to eat fruit, but I LOVE stewed fruit, I make lots of it and put it in the fridge, and am happy to eat it all day long. Yesterday I had to use up some rhubarb and cooking apples and I made the yummiest fruit compote ever!! So here goes:

Equal quantities of bramley apples and rhubarb, chop, add a little water, AND this is the magic ingredient, add some Elderflower cordial to sweeten instead of sugar, it tastes like heaven, and cook it on a low heat until stewed to you preference, yummy with icecream or yogurt, would make a superb trifle fruit. Honest the elderflower cordial makes it taste so yummy. Sainsburys and waitrose have lots of elderflower cordials, so its easy to make. ;-)


  1. ooooh that sounds YUM! I had a friend who lived on a farm, her mum made everything from scratch, great bread and dried fruits and she made her own elderflower cordial and OMG I can still smell and taste it! Its very pretty while its being made too.
    I am trying to diet and do you I am STARVING and I swear everybody is talking about food!!!

  2. And the best Elderflower cordial comes from Bottle Green, in Nailsworth, just across the River Severn! (I might live in Glasgow now but I am still a Gloucestershire girl at heart.)