Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Being a grownup.

Its weird, I can't do normal jobs, and go to work  9 -5, infact, I have never ever had a job apart from working on the checkout at sainsbury's which required me to be on time (and that was at a particularly anal part of my existence.) I can't do times and things, and really I can't do numbers and organising, and such things, well I can, but it goes against my nature which is why sometimes my clubs cause me trauma, and why there is a vague date at which they will arrive, lol!!!

So I love to photograph, dye yarn, and fibres, and have fun, its similar to what I did everyday of my summer holidays when I was a child, and it doesn't feel like work.    

    But the reality of a business, is that you have to pack lots in to a small amount of time, and you have to do things on time, and crunch numbers, write invoices, collect orders, phone banks, do VAT returns, blah blah blah, and I HATE IT, but I hate it because I am scared of it, not because I can't do it, lol.

    So today was a grown up day, I packed a tonne of orders up, sorted out all my paperwork, filled in forms, aranged a huge international shipment, sorted out banks and transfers and such things, and generally all the things that scare me, and I have to be honest, its 5.08pm and I am well chuffed with my self. How weird the wonderful feeling of achievement when you do things which you find hard.

     I aint doing any more work tonight, infact I am going to have a glass of wine and go out for dinner to celebrate while I can still walk to a restaurant, where I will be going next week, there aint no restaurants, lol, and .....think there might be more yarn to go in sale, white and coloured, so tomorow is, dyeing in the morning and then alll afternoon I am working on the new website and putting new pics in, and categories and descriptions, how absolutely exciting!! Bet I get up at 7am, lol!!



  1. You're right, that *could* happen...

  2. So, did you get up by 7.00am?

  3. When are you off to pastures new???