Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New website preview :-)

So, the design of the new shop has been decided, the reason it has taken a while is because the back end of the site is as important as the front end, and so we had to mess about with lots of things, but yesterday we agreed that its nearly there so its now being built, lol, but thats exciting, so wondered if you would like to see a little preview, what do you think?
The banner isn't quite right at the moment, but its just to get an idea.....

Typepad has shrunk the image so its a bit small, appologies but you get the idea :-)

I am very inlove with the new logo,......




  1. It looks fab, and I love the new logo too.
    If you click on the image after it's loaded, it gets bigger.

  2. wow. that looks very good indeed. crossing my fingers that the transition will go well and that it makes your life a lot easier too!
    Can't wait to see it up and running!

  3. The website looks great. Almost as good as you in the pic from your previous post! Am looking forward to the grand reopening.