Friday, 21 November 2008

Its friday, 5 days to go!!!

ok, ok, I was thinking that I am superwoman, and I can keep up with packing orders, move house all on my own, set up new website and dye for an update. But apparently I am not. So instead of stressing myself out like I always used to, I am going to be good, and prioritise.

 Mainly because I have orders that need sorting that are important. So, I will update later with some white yarn to go in the sale, but not really much dyed, although there might be some cashmere lace and bits and peices over the weekend, but lets be fair, there is at least 300 kilos of stock on there, another 5 aint gonna make too much difference for a week, lol.

Main thing I am concentrating on is the new website, thankfully the payment gateway thing is taking a few days, which means I can mess about with the shop, and get the hang of it, upload lots of new stock, ooooh! And you will be able to select the currency you wish to buy in, kroner, euro's dollars, etc, yippeeeee!!!

And even better NON VAT COUNTRIES WILL HAVE VAT TAKEN OFF their orders AUTOMATICALLY at the checkout. So if a hank of sock yarn is 11.75, EU, and USA customers, well anyone outside the UK, will get it for 10, (obviously you might get custom charges), but  very very excited about this, its really important :-)

ok so am so excited about the website, it really looks a million dollars, and it has a special function to help you look for yarns of your choice, but not telling you any more until it goes live, which will hopefully be next week, fingers crossed, lol.

pics will be displayed very very differently:

Lagoon mino 


Have about 1/5th of house packed into boxes, starting to get slightly anxious now, as have alot of stuff, way too much stuff for a 3 bedroomed house, will be so glad to get to new house, AHEM, I mean chapel, ;-) not tellin you any more, will give you pics soon.



  1. Squeeees!!!
    Can't wait to see the new site :)
    Good girl for prioritising...its the only way to get things done sometimes. One thing at a time.
    Hugs 'n stuff.....
    S xXx

  2. Will the new software tell me which installment of my Club I'm at, or at least, when I need to renew it?

  3. Chapel?????? I look forward to piccies : )

  4. Can't wait to see your new website. Hope you are having better luck than me.
    I still can't see mine.
    Can't wait to see your new home, I bet its massive. You say you hate your paperwork, sweetie it must get done, if you can't do it yourself maybe you should think about getting a Secretary/accounts lady/gent, you are well established now and doing really well, its an idea.
    Bye sugar

  5. I would flight from Spain just to help if I could!! Meanwhile, I'll chant for you!!