Monday, 17 November 2008

Its monday Yipeeeeeeee!

Was up packcing orders  until 12 last night, (something I never resent having to do) mainly to give me a hope in hell's chance of being able to do everything, and go to a concert this evening (kanye West), and add all the things to new wesbite for launch, and pack boxes for move, and sort out wholesale orders which have sort of been piling up with out me noticing. Phew!!!

But am so excited, and have hair on second bleaching today, little bro came and gave me a suprise visit, which was wonderful, and he bleached my hair for me, but its not white white, so I decided to splurge a load on this morning, gulp, really should go and check it, lol.

So am hoping that next update will be on new site, but we have to get the payment providers all sorted out first, yipppppeeee. I am have so many new ideas and new products, including sock blanks which thankfully I have had made commercially, so I can supply them wholesale, let me know if you would be interested.

Ok, better go and wash out bleach


  1. I hope you get everything done in time! I went to see Kanye West in Glasgow last night and it was good, hope you enjoy it. He must be knackered!

  2. I got Simply Knitting and there was a pattern for a fair Isle type of coat and hat for a baby with a discount from your Du Store thingy. I can't see it on your website, I must be thick as wool.