Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lots of things to go plus new cashmere lace

I stopped updating because we needed to clear some of the orders! Boy, you folks love a sale!!!

Anyway, I have lots more to go on, and will continue that later.

I have a new yarn available in the shop from today, and its cashmere, 100% pure, gorgeous, soft mongolian cashmere spin in the UK, after my last cashmere experiences I was less than enamoured by the softness, cashmere should feel very velvety and a cut above, but frequently, it can seem like rope, but this stuff seriously lives up to my expectations.

Because it is mongolian it is beige in colour, which means alot of the dyed colours will be very rich, I can't really achieve pastels in this, so no point in asking me for those, sorry :-(

So, want to see some? - sorry, I still can't edit photo's at the moment on this aeroplane of a laptop, so have posted something imbetween.



The colour is inbetween the two photo's but its delicious and rich

The yardage 1300 per 100gms,  it is £10 for 50gms, and its on the site under laceweights, now I need a name for I, think will call it sumptuous, it is the right spelling, lol

Only got purple today, but there will be a few more over the weekend.

right, need a van just for my packages today to go to the post office, lol!


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  1. Love the cashmere, but I can't find it on your website - do you have a link I can use, so that I can pin it down? Thank you very much.