Tuesday, 25 November 2008

is it wrong.....

1. to GIVE the entire contents of my life away because its easier than packing it?

2. to have more wool that possessions? really you think I am joking, I can fit 'my' stuff in the back of my van, the wool collection takes a long wheel base to move it.

3. to throw my plates into a box, because I can't be arsed to wrap them in newspaper.

4. To eat the pot noddle from the back of the cupboard which is from 1994 (this on is for cae ;) )

5. put all the paper work in a big box and leave it for the new paper work person to sort out, gosh that makes me feel guilty.

6. be in complete denial and go shopping or to the imperial cafe for more chips and tea?

7. stop using boxes and start using bin liners


  1. Remember to label those bin liners carefully!!!! Don't want any dustbin errors ;-(
    Is that your wool or shop wool?
    Use wool to protect fragile things?
    I hate packing. I was sent to work last time we moved, to keep me out of the way!

  2. So you got an Accounts person then, glad you did something about it, paperwork can be a great big chore and when you are busy with wooly things, accounts are the last thing to be done. It just piles up and then the tax returns,....... huh. Hope you enjoy your new home.