Monday, 3 November 2008

Fancy dress photo's and some absolutley fabulous things as always to brighten up your monday!

ok, so I am still waiting for full pictures of my outfit, so that you can see my spiders legs, and mom and pops' costumes, but here is a pic of me and little bro for tasters, lol:

Me and rich at halloween

Obviously I have a wig

OK, so whats occuring in Splott then apart from things being very busy getting ready for big move?

Well, remember the cashmere lurex? we had it tested, and its ALL cashmere Yippppppppppeeeeeeee. So now I can sell it properly, although we are still unsure of the exact yardage so I will be selling at a price which takes that into account, but keep an eye out on this weeks update for that. Also, I have some new Mongolian pure cashmere lace yarn, which is gorgeous, and spun in the UK, obviously, you know how fussy I am about cashmere :-) That will be in the shop too this week.

OOOOH! And I have lots of white yarn which I don't have in my ranges any more which to be honest is perfect for dyers starting out, so I was thinking of doing some white yarn sample kits. I need to clear out all the old stock - is this something people would be interested in?

Right, today am dying yarn and fibres for clubs, its a gorgoeus sunny day, and very mild, so I am taking advantage of it, and I don't sound as if I have consumption any more so make hay while the sunshines as they say ;-)



  1. If it's yarn or fibre, then I'm interested.......

  2. My friend Ruth asked me to be on the look out for a second hand spinning wheel. Less than a ton, cos she's a bit hard up. she had a tast of a spinning workshop and liked it so much she's wanting to spin herself. Any ideas. You might have some better contacts than me. Hope to hear from you soon.
    If you have any roving I could let her know and she could get some in. Thanks a lot, please keep me posted.
    By the way, your bro is a gorgeous handsome hunk, how old is he and is he still single??? Can he get his kit off and show us his chest. OOOOOOh! drool. Ha, ha.

  3. Oooh yes please to undyed wooliness!
    Will the undyed yarns section be reappearing on the site, too?