Friday, 4 June 2004

A success!

I decided to go to Sainsbury's to get some yummy food for the weekend, and whilst I was there I discovered food bags which you can put in the oven!! I was so excited I came home and started to dye straight away! So here is a little journey with pictures of dyeing in the oven!

OK, so I soaked some wool, silk and some soya silk.

Then I layed out the soaked fibres (excess water was squeezed out) on some cling film ready to paint.dying_003

Then mixed up some dyes, (I use Gaywool Dyes because you don't have to do any messing about with using acids etc.

Then I painted them on in stripes and brushed the colours so they mixed quite a lot; I mainly used orange and pinks. Here is a picture of the silk painted rovings:


Then I popped them into the oven bags, sealed them with a tie, and put them in at 190 degree's C.

I left them in for about 30 minutes and then took them out let them cool, swilled them out and here is a pictures of the soya silk:


And finally here is a picture of the finished rovings hanging drying in my garden, The left is the soya silk, the middle is the wool (wendsleydale) and the right is the silk.

I am going to spin these up tomorrow!!! Yeah!!


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