Monday, 14 June 2004

So much for having a practice!

I decided to have a little practice over the weekend of the mini poncho, because I've never followed a crochet pattern before and thought it would take me an age to work it out. But I have to say I have nearly finished it!!

I used my Noro silk garden, which to be honest probably wasn't the best choice because its has a mind of its own and my crochet isn't the most consistent yet, but as the poncho developed it gets better and better. I wasn't sure which needle to use, although vera told me 5.5, I couldn't remember whether that was british, Us or mm!! I eventually found a gauge which was roughly right, and it does fit nicely. You can't distinguish the flowers very well because the colour stripes through them. However I will put a picture on tommorow, because I am determinied to finish it today- it's so lovely I can't tell you!!

By the way, its a cheap thing to make, as it only used about 2.5 balls of yarn!! I now have more of a idea of what to choose for the crochet along!!

We brought the rest of the suits etc at the weekend, everything is pretty much sorted and we still have nine weeks to go! Therefore I am just excited and not stressed, I know this because I dreamt about crocheting last night!

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