Thursday, 10 June 2004


I've been planning my flowery poncho, and for starters the patterns suggests a crochet needle to obtain the correct gauge, has any any got an idea roughly what size needle I should start with?

Secondly it recommends a silk yarn which is about $25 a skein and you need three. So I could spin the equivilent yarn in silk and dye it my self for about £6.50 in total, so I think I will get practicing so I can spin a singles yarn of the correct gauge.

Thankfully, I think I will be able to have plenty of help with my poncho from my fellow poncho-ers!?!

Knitting going just fine, should be finished soon, then pictures.

My normal knitting and spinning dreams have unfortunately been replaced with wedding nightmares, Can't stop dreaming about having no shoes etc. However I am getting really excited. If anybody is interested have a look at my wedding dress if you want here

its number 9876. Its in antique gold not white, I have no intention of looking virginal!

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