Monday, 28 June 2004

Monday Morning!

What a lovely week I had last week, lots of time to knit and spin. So I have included pictures of everything.

Firstly I have finished my denim top and have been wearing it non stop, it looks great, quite sexy actually!

here it is:


Here is some of my order from texere yarns: all things to dye, I also got some cold water procion dyes, but I have not been able to work out how of if you can rainbow dye with them, so if anyone has any links or ideas I would like to know.


Finally I decided to make a tank top with my hand spun wool so I have started but need to spin and dye some more, which I will hopefully do this afternoon and tomorrow.


No car yet :-(. However my new job starts in three days, which means I can afford to buy lots of lovely wool!!!!!!!

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