Monday, 7 June 2004

The results (without pictures)

I spun at every opportunity at the weekend and it resulted in 150gms of wensleydale, in a orangy colour, unfortunately the pink and oranges blended, the wool is beautiful but not quite the colour I was after. It is definately for socks.

The silk on the other hand came out beautifully and although it was incredibly difficult to spin I managed one skein of about 25 grams, and it is so pretty and stripes nicely when knitted, I think I could use the charlottes web pattern for it. I will knit a few samples first.

Although silk is about three times the price than a good wool, it is so light that you get get the money back in yardage. so you would get four skeins from 100gms of silk and only two from wool. So its not so expensive and it takes dyes really well. I think I might purchase a book on spinning silk to improve my technique, suggestions welcome.

Pictures tomorrow or this evening

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