Monday, 21 June 2004

Whats new?

Amazing weekend with my mum, she was mad about my poncho and wants one for herself! So I guess as soon as that texere package comes (yes texere is majorly addictive) I am going to be dying everything, and crocheting it.

We made a decision that we would do more crafty stuff together, my mum is an amazing painter, she paints the most beautiful water colours , and she loves pottery, she does dabble in a bit of felting as well, so we decided to do some weekend courses and take it in turns to choose what to do. I will try and get a picture of her stuff sometime and post it.

I have about seven rows to go and I have finished my denim top, so that will be blocked today and I have the afternoon off so I guarantee pictures today.

Just a little bit of wedding news; we went to bath shopping for shoes, (I think US readers would go mad for this place, I adore it and I grew up in the Cotswolds!) its a beautiful roman town, so quaint, with the scrummiest of shops, they even have a restuarant called the Pump Rooms where you can have afternoon tea, and there is a string quartet/ other lovely music playing. So my point? I brought shoes, the most loveliest shoes that probably exist in THE antique gold colour, they could have been made for my wedding dress, two phrases: Russell and Bromley, and lots of money! Thankfully mum helped out. I may even have to dedicate a lovely shawl to them in similar colours so I can wear them again after the wedding.

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