Wednesday, 16 June 2004

Mad life.

So, Where is the picture of my poncho? There isn't one, because my lap top has another virus and I can't shift it for some bizarre reason. So I don't want to attatch anything to emails on my lap top and send them to this computer incase it causes problems here as well. I can upload pictures from home, but i'm never there for long enough lately. But I am home tonight, I promise there will be pictures!

Now for something rather exciting, sort of wedding related, and will have a future imapct on my yarn purchases but not directly knitting related! I have a lovely old banger of a renault which is really reliable but to be fair is near it's end. I brought it for £200 last year and I love it, however, for my honey moon I want to drive to the south of France and have a sort of road trip ( I love driving around Europe), its costs a minimum of about £500 to hire a car for two weeks, but this is actually cheaper this year than flying to paris, getting a train to the South of France and then hiring a car for two weeks, and my lovely renault probably wouldn't make it to Dover, not only this but the tax and mot is due the end of June (this will cost at least another £500. SO.......... Its cheaper to buy a new car!!!!!!!!! And yesterday I purchased a brand spanking new renault Clio, well I don't physically have it, but its nearly here!! I researched (note this is what I am very good at !!) all the cars and prices, and deals, and finally found one which saves me having to pay out a massive sum and only have to pay a very fair monthly amount, and I can swap it for a new one in three years time, and how much deposit did i have to pay? Absolutely nothing they actually took my banger as a deposit, this is very amusing. And with my new job coming..........!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what is most exciting is that now I have the ability to travel to anywhere to buy yarn, and the first place I am taking the lovely Marie to is COLINETTE YARNS I am fully intending to find some yarn stores in france and italy so I can bring home as much yarn as I can possibly fit into the boot of my car oh and not forgetting tonnes of french wine and food!!

Oh and finally I would like to wish Marie a really happy birthday for tomorrow, without her I wouldn't have this blog, and I would never have met so many fab fybermad people. So thankyou and have a lovely day. And I'll save your birthday present for our colinette trip!

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