Wednesday, 27 February 2008

40 days to go

I think its about 40 days to go until Peru, I am not too good with dates and things. Sometimes it feels really soon, and then when I write 40 days it seems so far. I am getting so excited, this will be the biggest trip I have ever done, I just feel like taking an empty suitcase so I can fill it with treats, and samples.

I am also very excited today, I know, I am always excited, but I have some new blends of tops arriving early next week, which I can guarentee you will not be able to get anywhere, and I mean anywhere in the entire world. One of them is alpaca and silk, and another is baby alpaca, silk and cashmere, gulp, I have forgotton what the other one is lol! Its some serious stuff. I am getting a good range of blended tops now, and I am so excited about wonderwool, because I will have them all there for you guys. So, I have to get all my wholesale done in the next two days so that I can just dye tops when they arrive. *shiver with delight*. Now I just need a new spinning wheel, because my little crappy haldanes, is just not cutting the mustard, and I am ready to throw it out the window, so in the meantime, I am going to hunt out the last hand made drop spindle which claire made for me and take some of the silk hankies out of the shop, because they are just calling me......


  1. Oooh...I'm SO excited about the new blended tops! They sound decadent!
    And also, 40 days isn't that long. :)

  2. The new fibre sounds lovely. I have just taken up drop spindleing. Very relaxing! I must try and avoid a fibre stash though!

  3. OOOH *drools* they sound lovely! I am so jealous of peru, it sounds amazing and you will have such a great time...maybe I should stow away in your knitting bag :P
    A new wheel...I still need a first wheel LOL I want one soooo badly! Let me know if you decide to sell your old one ;)

  4. Ooooooh you lucky thing, Peru sounds absolutely splendiferous!!!!!!!! Will you take some piccies of the Alpacas in their natural lands cos I love them to bits. I think they have a real cute face and baby alpacas are so sweet. ahhhhh.
    Whats tops????? I'm not a spinner I knit, therefore I am.