Monday, 11 February 2008

I'm excited today

I am excited, because I have a whole week of work at home, I do so much traveling, and as much as I love it I am just glad to be home to work hard and do some dyeing, and the sun is shining, so I may even make it outside today for dyeing. So I have some yarns showcasing in Stash in London in April, and they wanted some of the chunky scrumptious for the shop, so I needed to whip up a little something for two skeins, here is the progress so far.......


Talking of traveling, I need to fit in a trip to Peru, in amongst workshops at Get knitted, and Wonderwool, just a tiny little thing to fit in!!!!!!, it is a business trip, to work on business developments and because I have to check every source I get my yarn from, to make sure it comes up to my standards. You can't get much more of a guarantee of good sourcing than that can you? ;-)

Also getting hair cut short and decided am going to go peroxide blonde again, the sun is shining and I am bored with dark hair already.

Its a true 'beans on toast with lots of cheese on the top' lunch day today, something about spring and beans on toast, must be something from spring school holidays in my memory.......


  1. Okay, I've thought it over carefully and decided that I could go to Peru for you. It would be a supreme sacrifice but I am a willing servant of yarn. :-)

  2. You little globetrotter you, Peru no less, insert big sigh here. I want to go there whine! One day I (actually himself and me) will be stood admiring Machu Picchu (Neil knows all about it as I don't shut up about it!) I think I would have made a brilliant Inca ;)