Monday, 25 February 2008

Beautiful spring day.

Due to some strict choices, that was the first proper weekend I spent at home, apart from shopping for paint and guitar strings and waffle makers, it was my first weekend at home for about 3 years where I wasn't completely exhausted. I cleaned, and washed and cleaned and washed more than I have ever ever done, because I am realising how much easier my life is when I am organised, and everything is in its place. The house feels fantastic, and I am so in the mood to do some decorating and every time I walk into the lounge, I can smell the daffy's that mum put in the window.

I realised this weekend, I think maybe I have the tendency to surround myself with people to stop me feeling lonely, after about 3 hours of being alone this weekend I stopped feeling the urge to ring someone up and comfort me, and started to really enjoy it, and then I was amazed at the things I had time to think about when I was alone, and actually had some really profound realizations  about a few things in my life, I wasn't expecting that! They are a bit too deep to share, but blimey I am feeling so damned good today, my head is clear and I am ready for some serious work.

So happy spring cherubs, I hope you all feel as ready as I do to have some hard working fun :-)

PS, this is my idea for my kitchen, this is how it looks at the mo:


And this is the little tester I did, you won't be able to see any of the natural wood when its finished, and it will certainly lighten up the kitchen, I am loving it, but its quite labour intensive with the two colours, any thoughts?



  1. I really like it! Very clean and calming. Those are the colours my stepson wants in his bedroom. :) He's so modern and tasteful.
    Anyway, BIG improvement on the old cabinet doors.
    Also, I too surround myself with people to avoid feeling lonely...lately I've been feeling stifled by this...I just wanted to get away. I went for a walk the other day all by myself. And after about 10 minutes I started to feel lonely again. Obviously I haven't reached any stage of enlightenment and need to work on that.

  2. It's a lovely feeling when everything is in its place and it all smells fresh, I'm happiest when my house is pristine, I can't enjoy my knitting knowing that I haven't done certain chores. Sad I may be but I'm squeaky clean! ;)
    I think the door looks great, those colours should really lift the room. It's not a race anyway, even if it is labour intensive, you don't have to do them all at once, take your time.

  3. It looks really classy and classy is always time consuming...
    I used to always need to be around people and took on to much and never said no etc I seem to have gone completely the other way now but realistically get no more done. I guess it is Esho Funi,or As without so within etc - that it is all just a reflection of our inner state.