Monday, 18 February 2008

My little head is spinning.

Well, mum came today with my uncle peter to do some tidying up jobs in my house, things like filling holes and building cupboards, and mum bascially deconstructed my entire dyeing space and reconstructed it into something which is pretty damned amazing. She has the most incredible ability to organise, which I obviously have not inherited, but I almost don't want to dye because I don't want to mess it up, lol. Anyway I am very very grateful, and chuffed.

I am mildly anxious though that I have a million deadlines to fullfill this week, so its going to be a week of very long days, still thats ok, I will look forward to the weekend.

So, what do I do first, finish my article for a magazine? Dye the wholesale orders, pack the other orders and 70 sock clubs? carry on knitting a design for another magazine which is due in the next week or two?

Cup of tea and a nap anyone?

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