Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Well, the only little gripe I have about working for myself is the lack of knitting time. So this morning when I woke up at 6.15, I sprang out of bed and thought of the hour and a half of knitting I could do, so I am drinking tea, knitting my secret project for a submission, which Sophie keeps leaping into because I am knitting of a huge hank of the softest chuff chuff ever, everytime I am not looking she ends up in the middle of the hank, which is unusual for her, because she generally ignores yarn, seeing as it is everywhere, but she LOVES this stuff, thank god its all in the store room on shelves, lol.

Anyway carmella's mum and dad have come from spain to stay, and they bought me a tagine, finally, I have a flippin tagine, problem is, I got a book on moroccan cooking with looks amazing, but it calls lots of things tagines, I don't think the word tagine just refers to the cooking pot, so anyone point me in the direction of some nice tried and tested slow roast lamb recipes, with apricots or something similar that I can cook in my new tagine?


  1. I've got a fantastic recipe for slow-cooked lamb stew with apricots. It's written for a tagine but I do it in a stew pot because tagine have I not.
    I'll get it for you tonight!

  2. I do this in my slow cooker. Bung it all in, leave it doing its business for the day and come home to heaven! I nearly bought a tagine last Summer as apparently I can use it on the chiminea....Neil decided it was another gadget that would be stuffed in my cupboard when I realised that the slow cooker which sits on the side already, would do a similar thing. Sometimes men just don't get it do they sigh.....

  3. whats a tagine?? I get thats its some sorta cooking pit but what do you cook in it/How do you use it?

  4. Hi Jen,
    Try the bbc good food online recipes, great site if you like food. Enter in your ingredients and it will find you something nice. Have a go...
    And I need to order some more scrumptious...ran out and on the last sleeve- how anoying! Let us know how it goes with the tagine as I want to know if it make the food taste good.