Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Changing titles.

Firstly thanks for those who commented, I was very grateful for those.  I changed the name of the last post to 'knitting garments for physical uniqueness'. I have set up a group in ravelry, called knitting for physical uniqueness, so please come and join it, I would be really interested in some discussion from people about it really.

So, I am trying to finish a pattern, finish an article, dye my wholesale orders, and get ready for the weekend, where I am due to spend the whole of it running my experiment on knitting and therapy. I neeeeed to get the damned thing finished, its taken about 2 years so far, lol, thats why it costs £150,000 to run a research study, because you have to pay researchers, get equipment, and participants, so if you want it done quickly it costs money, so seeing as its free, it takes AGES. Anyway I'm in a bit of a ranty mood today so I'll shut up. I probably need to do some knitting instead.


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  1. Spinning is even more therapeutic than knitting, unless you are knitting with yarn you have spun yourself, that beats everything except for a good night's sleep.