Thursday, 14 February 2008

So the hair has been cut.........

So Tristan the most gorgeous hairdresser in the world (gees, I hope he never reads this) chopped my hair up, and now its just under 2cm or less all over. The next step is bleaching it. That comes later, probably accompanied by a glass of wine, and some superstrong bleach, I am going kind of ash white.

So tomorrow I'll do pics. I'll try and do before and after as well. ;-)


  1. It will be lovely. I had mine cut off too today after 3 years of growing it, it was mad and curly! I don't regret it as I feel free now! It is so much better.
    Lin x

  2. I've had mine cut today too... from shoulder length to about 4 cm all over... very liberating!!!
    PS love the fibre I recently received... I can't wait for DH to make the spindle and I'm off!

  3. you really suit it blonde and your short hair shows of your pretty face so I can only epect to hate you once its done ;) I cant wait to see it I bet its lovely!
    I just went ack to blonde after going back to natural and hating it and I feel so much better blonde!