Tuesday, 26 February 2008


So, you know when you walk in on someone who is meant to be on a diet and they are stuffing their face with a cream cake or bar of chocolate and they look guiltily at you as if you have caught them doing something criminal, well I'm like that, just not about cakes and chocolate. I'm like that about things that are made in china, or come from a huge supermarkets, lol.

So there is me supporting local shops, going and buying my tofu and Bio D washing liquid in refillable containers from the new health food shop on Clifton Street, buying fresh veges, from the local shop etc etc. And yesterday something awful happened.  I drove past EVIL Sainsbury's, and I was so blinded by the bright lights, that my van and I got sucked into its evilness, OH, the smell of the evil bread, and the ridiculously over packaged food, the taste the difference organic thick cut bacon, croissants, delicious butter that wasn't from Wales  the perfectly formed vegetables and fruit, what was extremely shocking was the only fruit I could find from the UK was cooking apples, everything else had been flown across the world, I even scooped so low as to have plums from some far flung country that probably will now  contribute to global warming, just because I wanted apple and plum crumble! Oh the shame of it. Now in the broad daylight I feel like a dieter who has eaten 10 chocolate eclairs. No really, I'm kidding, well, I kind of am.

As I sat down with my 'supposedly' fairly traded coffee and my taste the difference croissants, I redetermined my efforts to be an Eco warrior, starting tomorrow, just as soon as those bacon sandwiches have been eaten and that apple crumble has been polished off with a nice blob of evil, not locally produced cream. 



  2. aaahhh but would your effort feel so good if you didnt have an occasional bacony wibble ;)

  3. I know you mean.. I'm anal about plastic bags.. aways taking my jute bags with me to farm shop or dreaded supermarket(or having my shopping delivered without bags)...
    BUT feel shameful when i forget and have to have a carrier bag.. Grrr.....