Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday Bliss

So, I have lots of things to do in the house today, including painting some sample doors in the kitchen, because I hate my wooden doors, and its such a gorgeous kitchen, that if it was made lighter it would just be a complete delight. I have my samples and now I just have to try out some different colours, I'll post some pics tomorrow.

To start with though this morning I tried out my new waffle iron I bought yesterday, I've been wanting one for ever and ever, and yesterday felt like the right day.....


Home made waffles, fresh coffee and the Archers. Bliss!


  1. Did you get any silk handkies spun though, with those nice rough decorator's hands??

  2. Where did you get a waffle iron?! I've been looking EVERYWHERE.
    I love me some waffles!

  3. Now, that almost looks like a Southern breakfast ... but ours are swimming in melted butter and warmed maple syrup. Where is the bacon?