Friday, 26 September 2008

bad foot

I twisted my foot today, now it has a hug lump on it and I can't bloody walk, let alone drive to chester, so I sent a huge box of yarn up to chester, and I am catchng the train up tomorrow morning because I can't drive. So didn't really finish all my dyeing I was meant to, and instead sat and ate chocolate biscuits, drank tea and finished harry Potter.

Was slightly frustrated, and nearly drove Elly mad with requests, but hey, I guess its a sign, need to take it a bit easier :-(.

So if your coming tomorrow, look foward to seeing you :-) just don't expect a hug, seeing as I'll be confined to a chair with my knitting.

oh by the way, just updating the shop, nearly done



  1. Ouch! Poor Jeni! I hope it heals quickly so that you can get back on track with the dyeing. Chester is too far for me to travel, but I'll be at Ally Pally on the Saturday looking for treasures to come home with me.

  2. Oh dear, sounds not nice. Hope you had a good time anyway. Sorry I couldn't give you a lift :(