Thursday, 4 September 2008

Shows, and sock machines!!!

OK, so getting way too excited about Saturday (Iknit show with the yarn harlot) I cannot wait, I have a whole new stand, (no more piles of yarn) well, actually that depends on the stand we will have, I have heard something about market style stands, which are not exactly practical, but could be fun, lol!!!

Then guess what else? I am doing the show in Birmingham NEC next week, I haven't ever done it before, so it'll be fun to see what it is like :-) I am on stand J21 any one got plans on going?

So yesterday late afternoon it was raining so damned hard I gave up on dyeing, although tucked in my little workshop, the rain was lashing down so hard that the doors wouldn't stay shut from the inside, so I warmed up and set up my sock machine, its been calling me for a few days now, and after seeing Sheila use hers, I kind of understood alot more how to use it. I made a couple of tubes, then set about trying a heel. I made about 5 heels, all with silly holes in them, until I got to the 6th, and changed my technique, and then I got a near perfect heel, the reason is I want to wear thigh high self striping socks on Saturday, possibly with suspenders or something similar holding them up, what a complete laugh that would be huh? But obviously I have to make them on the machine, so tonight seeing as stitch and bitch is at mine, I will be practicing the toe, and maybe making them, Just not sure what colour to choose......

Anyway, want to see some pics?

Ok, this is the first attempt at the heel, which was a complete disaster, in fact about 4 looked this bad.....


Next was the best attempt, the hole was where I did it the previous method on the first stitch and then promptly changed it:


Much better huh?

Then here is a nice long tube I made with a skein of Autumn self striping, how lush is this:


Ignore the mess, no damn it, stop looking!!!!!

OK, and here is a closeup:


I just want to spend the whole day on the machine, but I mustn't, have so much dyeing to do its unreal.

OK, so votes for a mini skirt and full length socks and possibly suspenders on Saturday?



  1. That's certainly one way to show how the yarn knits up - and up - and up......LOL I shall bring my camera

  2. Hi, Jeni,
    Have a great time at IKnit - wish I could be there to meet the Harlot and the rest of the crew. But will see you in Brum next Thursday.
    Have fun!

  3. PS The Harlot wants buttons for her cardi and people have been sending her recommendations for all sorts of wonderful places - but why not show her yours as well?

  4. Wow! Well if you want to get noticed, go for it. Would you need the suspenders though, they might stay there on their own anyway and would look really cute with a mini. If you've got it flaunt it I say ;)

  5. Will you be at the nec each day - Thursday - Sunday?
    I shall be there one of the days and I'd hate to miss you!
    PS Will you have any of the self-striping with you??