Monday, 8 September 2008

Iknit day.....

OK, it was totally the madest day ever, so much fun, but soooooo busy. Was going to update the, but there is no stock left.........gulp. No stock currently for birmingham (Don't worry though, there will be.....) I will update the shop tomorrow morning.

It was so much fun, (This is Elly's account of the day, v funny) we woke up at 5am to get there, and we found it no problem, and from that moment on it was so busy, I saw lots and lots of my fav customers, it was just fabulous!!! Elly had a great time too, but we didn't even have time to take photographs.

Met the Yarn Harlot, and she is a complete delight, and she liked my one and only pink and lime self striping sock, lol!!! I even got a  book signed, so I was mightily chuffed with that.
I didn't get to see the talk, but Elly did, and by the sounds of it, it was really really good.

It truly was a fabulous day. Anyone got pics on their blogs, and I'll link to you......

So guess what today is? Its major dyeing day,


  1. I wish I could have been in London, but I will only be there from the 23rd on for a couple of days.
    Leaving for Edinburgh on Wednesday, back in the Netherlands on the 19th, off to London on the 23rd and back on the 28th.
    And since Cardiff is only two and a half hours away from London (by train) the husband and I are considering getting wet in Wales. Why should we only get wet in Scotland and England?
    Happy dying, Jen!
    Pixie Leanan (Kerstin)
    Oh, and Elly's account of I Knit? Hilarious! Excellent!

  2. It was FAB to see you at iKnit, I had a hard time getting there from up North, but I'm soooooo glad i came. Your sock was fantabulous so was yarny baby. Elly is a fine lass almost as tall as you, it was good to meet you both. I love and adore the autumn ss sock yarn I wish i had more grease with me but i had to get back home.
    Its OK about the orders they will come in their own good time. I got me book signed and a couple a photos which I am gonna put up on me blog when I get me nut round it, lol. Me blog is Kniterella Chats. I'll email the site to you, OK.

  3. Are you going to be at Ally Pally in Oct? Please bring lots of Scrumptious if you are! :)

  4. Great picture of you (and the sock) on the Harlot's Blog. shame you couldn't stay to hear her, I bet it was fab.