Friday, 5 September 2008

Iknit Socks!!

Ok, so I finished the first sock machine sock this morning, now all the clubs have gone I feel less guilty, lol. Its not quite long enough for suspenders, but is just over the knee, and with some elastic will stay there perfectly. But have to go and buy some shoes this afternoon and maybe a  little kilt/skirt to go with them :-)

One or two little holes, but each time I do it it gets better:



How exciting!!!!!

So we are driving down to Iknit  in the morning, very very early, but you can all meet Elly, and I have so many treats for the stand its one big bright blur of colour in my house at the mo.

See you tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then shop will be updated on Monday, I will take most of the lace, sock and fibre stock off about 5pm, so if you have been thinking about buying something you have till 5 to do it.



  1. Just can't wait for tomorrow! I have my snacks and my camera packed, and my debit card.......