Monday, 15 September 2008


slightly head scrambled, but its ok, have Elly, would be drowning other wise!!

ok, so Birmingham was really good fun, I was next to the spinners and weavers guild, so I really really enjoyed that, got to try out lots of spinning wheels, and the one I kept loving was the Kromski Sonata, I will have to have one eventually, perhaps I will treat myself after Allypally.

So, I will update the shop this afternoon (about 4ish), but I have to take Sophie to the vets first, her blind eye is looking really dodgy, although she doesn't seem to be bothered, poor little monkey.

OK, thats all for now,.


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  1. Hope Sophie is OK and won't need surgery. Ooh, Ally Pally, coming very soon :>) Such a good thing you have Elly's help now, save you from a meltdown.....