Friday, 12 September 2008

While the cat's away...

Hello Everybody!

It's Elly, Jen's second in command (well, maybe I'm third in command... or fifth maybe, after the cats?). And yes, that is the best photo I could manage.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that while Jen is away at Birmingham this weekend I have put a mini update in the shop - 2 self-striping sock hanks in Lime Lizard (I only have those because they were still too damp to go with Jen when she left on Wednesday), and the rest is stuff that I've put in the category of 'Clearance' in the shop. This is stuff that hasn't sold for quite a while. It is at least 50% off the usual price, and if the first batch of stuff sells quickly, then I shall put some more up.

But only if it sells quickly, because I'm not great at taking pictures, and it takes quite a while to upload it all. I'm glad I don't do it every week! That is one thing that I will not be taking over permanently!

I want to get all the random odds and sods out of the yarn room, so I can make it super tidy and to make space for the extra yarn and fibre that Jen will be able to dye now that I am doing some of the admin side of the work!

I've just spoken to Jen and she says to tell you that she is having a great time, and that her stand is next to the Spinners and Weavers Guild stand. What's the betting she comes home with a table loom???

I have sent all the parcels that I can, although there are still a few outstanding, which will have to wait until Jen comes back (Monday). Sorry, but you wouldn't want me to send you the wrong thing, would you!?

And to those who are placing orders over the next few days:

I solomnly swear to send those grey packets out to you just as fast as I can.

See - I told you that first picture was the best one.

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  1. I think you could possibly be a bit bonkers? In a happy sort of way, no doubt caused by all the wool fumes ;>)