Thursday, 25 September 2008


I can't dye fast enough :(  I have dyed every day this week, and I still have so many orders to finish, well before next week so I can concentrate on Allypally anyway, lol.

I do have enough yarn for two weeks of updates tomorrow, so I guess I will have to be up at 6 to get started.

I am getting close to never wanting to see a hank of wool ever ever again, lol!!!



  1. So, just dye silk for a while, and come back to wool in a couple of weeks! Can't wait for Ally Pally :>)

  2. Don't worry, just think about the fun you'll have on the weekend up in Chester. (Yes, I'm jealous.)
    And if that doesn't help, how about this: while packaging up the needles I might have had an accident involving chocolate and it's location. Ok, a fully intentional accident. Just don't let the cats have any. ;)
    Have a good weekend!