Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The rough makes you appreciate the smooth.

So the past couple of weeks have been a bit challenging, money wise, time wise, all sorts of wise, lol, but I knew it wouldn't last forever,I just had to keep smiling and work hard. Yesterday I was skint, tired, fed up and completely affected by all the talk of recession.

Then I woke up this morning, and the sun was shining through the window. Monkeys were purring happily on the end of the bed, I could hear the clinking of washing up in the background. I wandered down stairs, to find all my washing out on the line, the kitchen tidy, had mild panic how I was going to finish all work on my list for today. 'Thats ok' said Elly, 'I will pack shop orders and clubs, you go and do some dyeing', I sort of blinked, nearly cried; whelmed up with extreme gratefulness, found enough coffee to make a large cup, cut a large slice of fig and raspberry cake(oddly which was made from random garden and cupboard ingredients) and wandered down the to the shed and switched the radio on. I felt like an old husband who was fussed by his wife.
Money sorted itself out too, and actually, no actually!!! working on wholesale orders today, and will hopefully be able to get them finished.

Am happy, really really happy, I feel like all the strain just melted away this morning.

PS, secret person, thanks too, you always make me smile and laugh when I am miserable, and also Karen, lovely lovely lady who also helps and regularly supplies me with random fruits and veges, and knitpicks needles, I feel like I don't thank you both enough.


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  1. Sometimes you just need a cool day like this... :-)
    I came home to an empty house... much as I love DD and DH, the fact that they have gone sailing and won't be back until bedtime fills me with joy... time to get settled with the wheel...