Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Blimey charlie,
I am in the echo newspaper, on page 25, and there is a wholepage picture of me modelling one of my cardi's. Its an article about knitting, and stitch and bitch, absolutely fabulous, apart from spelling Fyberspates wrong, and one or two other things, its totally great, lol!!!!

I bought a few copies for my mam, and sheila lol.

ok, updating shop in the mo with some bits and peices and then I need to dye wool for birmingham.



  1. Wow!!! Echo right after the Yarn Harlot!!! You move on in the world! ;) Congrats.
    Happy dyeing!

  2. Oooh my, one is going to be famous :) Look forward to seeing you on Sunday at Brum - all power to the paintbrush!

  3. The Echo, the Yarn Harlots blog...is there no end to your fame?

  4. That's great but you know you spelt Echo wrong. It should be...
    Of course you know you've really made it if you get into the Glamorgan Gazette! (Is it still published? Could you get it in Cardiff?) I had my photo in the Gazette twice, you know. (Once when the Pencoed - Pyle section of the M4 was opened, in Girl Guide uniform and later when in Sixth Form because I was representing Mid Glam in a competition at the Urdd Eisteddfod - under 19 solo poetry recitation for second language Welsh speakers.) My brother also made it in when he was about 10 for his bottle collection. Exciting lives we led back then.