Friday, 5 November 2004

I've got a new drum carder!

At last a spell check function on the blog! Hmm, my blog may not make sense but at least the spelling will be correct!

Dear Adrian, You would be proud of me! I have finally purchased a Louet junior drum carder. Alas, I have to wait for it in the post. I can't wait till we have postal service like the transporter in star trek, so we can beam down our yarn/lovely things instantly. Oh well, we knitters can but hope.

Secret pal, Thank you for sending me a final package, you are so kind!

So a weekend of knitting, with the Knitting and stitching at the knitting show in Cardiff on Sat, and then Sunday is a day off!!! So a 12 mile run in the morning Ugh, I feel tired at the thought.

Then knitting all afternoon!! Which will include my scarf from scarf style from my ruby lambs pride and hopefully finish off my socks and anths glove.

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