Monday, 29 November 2004

Rileys and monkeys.

I have finished my dads scarf, and am just finishing off the motif of the RILEY badge by using duplicate stitch. I started using faraisle (even typepad doesn't know the spelling for this!) but it was so messy, Marie suggested duplicate stitch, and it's brilliant! the back looks really neat as well.

I am using an inferior computer today so I can't upload the pictures but I will ASAP. I am very proud of it! So now onto the glove and mitten.

Had a fab weekend, we went to visit our lovely freind Philip in London in his new house and had a brilliant time, lots of chatting and drinking wine, and knitting of course! Philip can knit, but not purl.

Non knitting now: We got home to find out that monkey cat hadn't been home all weekend, Sian (our lovely next door neighbour) had tried to hang around for him and stuff but to no avail. So when we got home we were both really upset, so we went out looking for him along the places he goes to play/hunt, and not a whisker.

I phoned my father and was telling him, and he was suggesting he could be locked in a garage somewhere, meanwhile, Anth ws trying not to show me he was crying. it was now 9.30, all of a sudden, as I was wiping the tears away, I heard a familiar 'Mew' The little *%&^)%£ was sat on the wall as if he'd only been let out 5 minutes ago. Suffice to say we were extremely relieved! Now you now why he is called monkey cat. He is so naughty!

Marie, I think he could be another Clide!

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