Friday, 12 November 2004

Weekend away.

I cast on for my dads mitten, although it is looking a little large, so I asked mum to sort of find out his palm size without him knowing. I am sure my dad won't guess!

I want to knit in the motif of his vintage car into his scarf and gloves. So he can wear them when he is driving in his Riley.

Anth and I are going away for the weekend the Gower, to blow away some of the cobwebs and have a rest, and guess what? I am not even taking my knitting! I know it's shocking, but my mind is constantly racing with knitting, spinning and carding ideas, and I am getting so tired with my job and my other job, and other things, I need some time away from everything, and away from the excitment of fibery things, I know that sounds really strange, but I think obsessively about knitting all and my other crafts that my head is full all the time, and thats also the only thing I talk to Anth about, so I decided to treat him to real converstion.

Does anyone else get so excited by knitting/spinning stuff all the time so it makes them feel jittery? There isn't a mintue go by where I am not thinking about my next creation, and because I am always thinking about so many things, I find it really difficult to focus on one task. I think I'm just gone in the head.

Actually I just read that last paragraph, and I would score rather highly on a rather undesirable psychology test, with that type of thinking. However I do have insight, so I'm not totally mad.

Hmm I think a holiday is a good idea!

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