Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Winter hibernation.

It's so weird how winter makes you feel so sleepy, it gets to about 3.30 pm, and I have to keep slapping my face to keep me from plunging head first into my keyboard.

No pictures today because the massive skein of yarn that I dyed was still wet this morning. And I didn't get to the carder yesterday evening because Anth and I were walking home and needed  a cheer up, so we decided to go to the pub, which was just great! Then we went and had 'Chicken curry of the floor and chips'. Curious "chicken curry of the floor", I have never thought until now what that might mean, I don't think I should think about it too much. Tasty though!

Talking of food, I accidentally ate a mouthful of toast at the weekend, and had no ill effects, I used to get bad tummy aches from any wheat, now I am tempted to see if I could manage scampi, or a soft brown bread prawn mayonnaise sandwich..... Ahhh I'm drooling now. I'm going to go back and get tested again, see if my allergy has gone, how amazing would that be!!!!  Sorry, nothing to do with knitting, I know.

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