Wednesday, 17 November 2004

If you haven't got one yet, get one!

So last night, feeling too sleepy to go for a run, I decided I would wind my dyed skein of wool up into balls and do some carding.  So it took me nearly 45 minuntes to wind it all up but I am so pleased, here is the result! (and to think it wash shop soiled so only cost me about £4! for 500gms ) ( it's a wool mohair mix.)


The colours are beautiful, pale pinks and greens, it was inspired by our weekend in the welsh countryside, I always think the mountains look pink with the heather!

Here is a closeup:


The I proceded to card up my wensleydale on my drum carder, it is so easy and so much fun!! If you spin but don't have a drum carder, you have to get one!!

Here is some of the wensleydale carded, I love this colour:


The colours the below photo are not true, but it is my favourite, I love moss green with delicate bits of pink and mauve in:


I'm not that fussed on this colour, so i'll be blending it with the silk:


Finally, whilst anth was cooking my breakfast this morning, I got chucked out of the kitchen for making a mess, so what is a girl to do? Have a go at mixing some wool and silk of course!

This picture unfortunately does not reflect the absolutley beauty of this bat, I am going to put it through again, but I am so excited about spinning this:


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