Monday, 8 November 2004

I wish the weekend could last forever.

The Cardiff knitting show was so much fun! We chatted to people who were interested in knitting, I even managed to encourage some younger people to come to stitch n' bitch, fingers crossed.

Interestingly no one voluntarily (apart from Marie) commented on my water wrap, but it was surrounded by knitted toys and aran jumpers, so I think it was a bit lost.

I decided to knit something which would get people talking so I started my curly scarf from scarf style, this took 7 attempts before I understood the wrap and turns, and needed showing eventually, here it is:


It actually knits up really quickly. I used my Lambs pride, which is a joy to knit with.

There is a large store in Cardiff called David Morgan's. They are closing down and had some great sales on sewing machines and over-lockers so I thought about it a lot and because I need both, I got one of each. I have only managed to use the sewing machine so far because I wanted to have a go at some free hand embroidery, I brought some soluable plastic at the knitting show and you layer what ever you want between two layers of plastic and the embroider free hand over it. You then stick it in water and the plastic disolves and you are left with your fabric. I had a go by chopping up some of my hand dyed wool, and coiling some of it as well. Here is the result:


Here is a close up:


The pictures aren't too good but still, for my first try, I am really pleased.

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