Wednesday, 24 November 2004

OH MY.............

I would like to begin the sermon today by turning to page 244 in the stitch and bitch book placed in front of you, and singing Marie's Praises because WE ARE IN THE STITCH N' BITCH BOOK!!!!!!!!

I received the book last night, and was trying to find us under UK knitting groups and Cardiff knitting group, and was about to give up when I looked under Welsh knitting groups, and there we were!!!! I was dancing around the Kitchen like a mad women. My mum wants a copy, and I have a feeling, my aunties might as well!!!

I'm the one on the left with the huge mop of hair!! Marie is in the middle and hannah is on the right. Gosh what a privilege to be in such a prestigious publication! I am going to take it to my social psychology discussion group this afternoon to show my professor!

I had to remove the last post incase my pop reads this one.

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