Monday, 22 November 2004

Secret Pal revealed and colours!

So this is my secret pal

Thanks very much I have really enjoyed your lovely packages! I am looking forward to reading about the baby progress!

I have had the odd opportunity to spin up some of my carding. The feel of the yarn is really lovely, I need to wash it and stretch it, to get rid of the springy coils. Here are some pictures: Springy_singels Stetched_singles

Do you know what though? I am not sure I like the color very much. The colours seem diluted compared to what I intended. The colours change so much from when you apply the dye, mixing fibers/colour together and then spinning them. It's really hard to predict exactly what it will come out. They seem on the dull side. I am normally really good at anything to do with colour, so this is a real challenge for me.

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