Thursday, 11 November 2004

It's here!!

The drum carder is here!! It's absolutely fantastic! I decided to have a go last night whilst Anth was cooking our tea, before we had to go out to work. Then work phoned and cancelled, and so it was destined to be a carding and spinning evening. I carded some bats, and boy it's is amazing. I do need to practice with things like mixing silk in because it had a tendency to form neps in the wool Spinning with wool that is properly carded is amazing. its makes things much softer and airy.

Here is a picture of the drum carder, it is very blurry but you can get an idea of the size, it's massive!


I didn't take any picture of the bats because it was too dark, however I did take a picture of the experimental spinning which arose from it. I didn't quite get the hang of doing the fantastic things that you can see here: and here, but I am going to start practicing.

Here is a picture of my spinning, the cream one was a silk and wendsleydale mix, plied with a thread.Spinning_creations

Finally I managed to get a rather large package in the post for someone this morning, after shouting at anth and telling him that I need his help to carry it to the post office. whilst I was there I picked up my parcel which contains the softest wool on the planet especially for my dads special scarf and glove set.

Here it is:Dadds_scarf

It's Debbie bliss Cashmerino aran. Prrrr prrrr.

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