Monday, 21 July 2008

Art in Action

So, we had the most wonderful time at Art in Action. Its an art show, where artists are selected to come from all over the world, and people have to demonstrate their art. Its absolutely inspiring, I have been going nearly every year since I was about 2 years old.

What I love about it, is the variery of arts, there is a textiles tent (my favourite), wood working, glass, ceramics, asian arts, print making, you name it, its there. Although it was alot smaler this year than I remember it, and I was uninspired with the textiles tent because it was embroidery based, with only a little weaving and felting. I felt it could have been alot more variety there, but anyway, what won it for me, was the jewery, (quite unusually) and the ceramics and glass.

Amongst things, the best stand of this show for me was the jewlery stand by a designer called Lucy Sylvester (take a look at the website) The reason I loved it was that it was inspired by bugs, creatures, and natural things, but it wasn't cutsy, and even Carmen and I loved the spider pin, and I hate anyway, I had to go back three times, because I fell inlove with the jewlery, and you all know I am a little eccentric and although I don't really wear jewlery, I had to have something....

and this just completley blew my mind.....


I want to collect jewlery from here forever and ever and ever, did I mention I loved it? hehehe

Also, some wonderful ceramics, which I loved was this artist....



I can't remember her name, but I will find it, alot of her work used imprints of flowers and leaves in the clay, gorgeous completely gorgeous.....

So, it was an inspiring day out, and I recommend it to all, I really do. So for now, I am off out into the wilderness to dye the NEW sock yarns, yep, my new high twist bamboo merino, and merino tencel, not like anything you have seen before, they are stunning, alot like the dream tomorrow.....

Hope you had a lovely weekend.



  1. Now, I like the moth. I'm off to check out the site now.

  2. Hi, the ceramic artist is Lisa Ellul. Her website is I fell in love with her work and bought some of her tiles last weekend at Art in Action.