Friday, 18 July 2008

Shop update has started lol!!

So, shop update has started, got huge amounts to go on, so I'll be doing it in batches all day, as well as finishing dyeing my rather large order for Getknitted, lol, and the best part of the day is tonight when one of the most cherished people in my life, is coming, Carmen, from Madrid, (you know, the wonderful person who knits with no patterns and is a genius?) I have a few treats planned for her, and I am so excited, we have a whole week together, so I am sure/hope she'll be knitting some lovely things.....

oh and I have some new yarns, yes, very exclusive gorgeous yarns winging their way to me, at this very moment which I may be using for the sock clubs, because they are completely gorgeous, they will be i next weeks update, but for now, a few pictures to make you smile with brightness:

Silk lace in foxglove....


Scrumptious dk in foxglove....


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  1. gorgeous colours Jeni, will keep eye on shop for brights:)