Wednesday, 30 July 2008

What does 'fyberspates' mean?

I get asked this so much, where did the name come from, and I am not always very good at explaining so I thought I would explain to you lot and then I can refer people to the blog for explanations!

Ok, well I started blogging because I made things, all the time, everyday or at least hankered after it. Every summer holidays when I was a child, I would read through my mums craft magazines and plan my projects, I would sew, make shoes, you name it I was always making things. I think the only brownie badge I got was one for craft. When I went to uni I did alot of drawing, flowers, bodies etc, because it didn't take up space, but soon bought a sewing machine and started sewing, and then I discovered knitting, and weaving, and dyeing. So my fyber hobbies were massive, and I would switch from one thing to the next during the day, and be in total heaven. So when I came to choose a name for my blog, Anth came up with the name fyberspates. The definition of 'spates' is as follows:

  1. A sudden flood, rush, or outpouring: "It issues a spate of words from the loudspeakers and the politicians" (Virginia Woolf).

  2. Chiefly British
    1. A flash flood.

    2. A freshet resulting from a downpour of rain or melting of snow.

    3. A sudden heavy fall of rain.

It really relates mainly to the first definition, a sudden rush, I would be eating dinner and then have this total urge to get some fibres, or my knitting, or something, so its like 'spates' of fyber activity.

Also of course the other main thing is it rhymes with cyberspace, which fits because I have an internet based company.

So there, lol, just thought I would explain ;-)



  1. I had worked out about the spates, but the Cyberspace bit never occurred to me - brilliant!

  2. I'd figured the spates out too, but cyberspace.......clever, very clever! I appreciate a good pun now and then!