Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Jen does Pitti - Bridget Jones Style.

So you know me, well, I think most of you do by now, I never do anything by halves, and when things go wrong, they sort of really go wrong. So imagine being in the world of the gorgeous people, and it all going a  little bit Pete Tong......

We arrive off the plane, get the train to florence, its a scorching hot day, I have my nice little black dress and stylish flipflops, hair done nice, you know, I want to look good amongst all the stylish Italians.

Firstly we have a meeting in one of the hotels, which was really great. I wanted to chat to a particular spinner, and they had some really nice yarns, so I thought, what a nice start to the trip!! Then we walked to the proper exhibition center, with all the cases and bags,  and  it was just a little bit too warm, by the time we got there, I was sweating and my feet were sliding about in my flipflops. Then the most awful thing happened. They broke. My flipping flip flops snapped. There was nothing I could do apart from take them off and walk bear foot. Now normally I wouldn't have been so bothered about this, but seriously, everyone was staring at me, I stood out like a sore thumb with my white hair, and ALL the girls had such gorgeous footwear on, I was cringing with my dusty dirty bear feet. What was worse was that we had the most important meeting of the trip booked late in the afternoon. So we stopped in the center to get something to eat and a cup of coffee, I tried to sneak and borrow a stapler to staple my sandles together, but people were just looking at me as if I was crazy, and it didn't work anyway. Then someone knocked over my coffee, and so ofcourse, not wanting my feet didn't get covered in coffee, I moved backwards and leant against the wall which was actually a jen sized airvent, which provided me with dusty grey stripes up the back of my black dress. At which point I couldn't stop laughing, it was either that or cry my eyes out.

The final nail in the coffin, came when I walked down the steps in the center of the exhibition to our meeting, and fell down the stairs, and so many people were watching because I was the weird girl with white hair and no shoes. I am not prone to feeling embarassed, but man I was dyeing. Anyway thankfully the meeting was delayed so I had time to go and buy new flipflops and put a paper bag on my head.

The rest of the trip however was wonderful, lots of inspiration, gorgeous designs, yarns and colours, as a result, I am hoping I will have some new yarns soon to add to the collection, and lots of new designs too. We also had so much fun with Kari and Per, it was lovely lovely lovely. I wish I had taken Elly, you would have loved it babes!

Ok, so here a few peices of knit wear that caught my eye, there is alot more, but here a few:



Seems like its chunky yarns and cables all the way this autumn.....



  1. I dont know if you want to know this - but your post has made me howl with laughter - in a sympathitic sort of way.
    It was the thought of trying to explain - in Italian - why you wanted a stapler ROFLOL.
    I hope you didnt hurt yourself.
    I love the cables but Me+Chunky= Teletubby/Marquee so I will give it a miss.

  2. Oh goodness, what a start to the trip. Well, I'm glad the rest of the trip was more successful.

  3. Only you Jen.....only you ;)

  4. OMG Jen!
    What a place to have such a stupendous fashion mishap happen.
    Hey ho, Italian style is very overated, you'll see, this time next year Italian Vogue will be full of grey stripey LBD's, worn with stapled flip flops.
    It'll catch on for sure.

  5. Oh no, Jen!!!!
    At least, through all the howlers, you found yarn love :)
    Sarah xXx