Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Getting ready for autumn

Ahh, its that gorgeous time of the year, when I start to get ready for autumn, this time last year I was counting down the days for giving up work, and working my ass off to manage everything, and here I am, nearly a year later actually having managed my first full year, and still have my little roof over my head, feels good :-)

So I am starting to stock up treats for Autumn, sourcing some really unusual spinning things for you, and gorgeous pins and accessories. As the distributor for Du store Alpakka, I won't be selling the yarn, because its not what my site is about, that's for other gorgeous shops to be selling, (full list up soon) but I will be stocking all the buttons and pins, which are totally gorgeous. Mind blowingly gorgeous infact. So I am getting all the orders in now for all the treats to make the shop gorgeous. I am thinking about changing the website, but its some serious work so I may change it for the Autumn, but I need to mess about a bit more first.

So, orders are packed, and now I shall venture into my workshop for some colour fun, and a million wholesale orders, lol,


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